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We are J A D Transport & Forwarding Ltd

From cartons, bundles and pallets, to part trailer and full trailer loads; whichever method of transportation may be required, we can always get your goods collected from anywhere in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, or the world, in fact, usually, the same day, whether it be via road freight, air freight, or sea freight, door-door, with warehouses, customs centres, or port stops in between.

We have all of the contacts to service your freight requirements including J A D T&F producing all movement, declaration & clearance documents, if required, for any destination.

J A D Transport & Forwarding is an independent freight forwarding company based in the Midlands area with access to over 300 preferred UK, European, TIR & International transportation companies. Our trustworthy partners offer reliable services, with some offering more costly & others more cost-effective options, in turn, this allows us to source the best transport solution to meet the shipments exact requirements. We can offer scheduled weekly part trailer load options, as well as various daily groupage departures to over 40+ European Destinations, all the major TIR destinations, sea freight and air freight ports worldwide.

Offering daily Import & Exports via Groupage trailer departures, Part Load (PTL/LTL) & Full Load (FTL/FCL) options to & from the UK, Ireland, Europe & Worldwide.

How JAD Transport works

  • Initial Contact & Consultation
    Initial Contact & Consultation
  • Contact Various Transporters
    Contact Various Transporters
  • Contact Customs Clearance Agents
    Contact Customs Clearance Agents
  • All Inclusive Quotation
    All Inclusive Quotation
  • Booking Confirmation
    Booking Confirmation
  • Collect From Supplier
    Collect From Supplier
  • Customs Clearance(s)
    Customs Clearance(s)
  • Delivery To Customer
    Delivery To Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can offer cross trade movements from most European destinations to Ireland and visa-versa without customs clearances, please feel free to send us an email.

  • Yes, we do, we will offer you several ways of paying for VAT & Duties due to determine which is the best option for you. If the goods are EU Origin, there will be no Duties due.

  • We can offer next day deliveries throughout the UK via groupage, plus most other European destinations by Urgent Same Day Express. We can pre-clear goods via groupage travelling overseas and request a next day delivery, however it would not be guaranteed when the trailer is loaded with other customers goods.

  • DAP Incoterm means the consignor is liable for Export Clearance and the consignee is liable for Import Clearance, Duties & Taxes; whereas DDP Incoterm means the consignor is liable for Export Clearance, Import Clearance, Duties & Taxes.

  • It would be cheaper to send freight stackable, however this would leave you at risk of damages should your goods be stacked on top of and damaged. Always be sure that goods are in heavy duty crates should you book freight as stackable.

  • You must visit to obtain an XI-EORI Reference.

Not sure what Freight service fits your needs?

Don’t worry, our team is on hand to help with any questions you may have or advise which service is right for you.

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